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About Us

It's a web and mobile company

Dominique Sauquet

CEO of It's

I graduated from Ecole Centrale de Paris in 1979 and got my PhD in Informatics. I am the founder of It?s, an enterprise which aims to develop software for new technologies, mainly for mobile or web projects. I also teach Computer Sciences at Ecole Centrale de Paris.


Sarah Sauquet

Publication director

I am a French Literature teacher in high school. Interested in English-speaking culture and digital humanities, I set the contents of the app "a text a day" and of the French literary apps "Un texte Un jour" and "Un Poème Un Jour".


Nicolas Gosnet

Our expert in English literature

I discovered English literature when I was in high school and ?Frankenstein? has always been my favorite. I like the emotion you can feel just by reading a story but what I really enjoy the most is when I start reading a book that I can?t put down. I have been teaching English literature for three years now and I appreciate the quality of interaction I can have with my students. At the beginning of the year, I decided to work on ?a text a day? because I found the concept interesting and exciting. I hope it will happen to you as well.